Welcome to the homepage for my GITA 2 website. Thank you for coming.


This is my sophomore GITA 2 website. I would like to thank you for choosing me as your Knowledge Provider. This year, in GITA 2, we are being taught basic website development using HTML and CSS.

My goals for the future right now is to go to a top-tier school in state like UCLA, UC Berkeley, Stanford, or Caltech. For my major, I plan on doing nuclear enginnering and after that, try to get into medical school. If I don't get into medical school, I have the nuclear engineering degree to fall back upon. I am taking GITA because I want something that can set me apart from all the other applicants to schools such as the aforementioned. I also do enjoy the class, its environment, and the subject matter itself. If you would like to view my projects, click one of the links below.